How to Take Care of Your Tires

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Tires are going to wear down eventually, but you can learn how to make your tires last longer to avoid blowouts and go further between changes. All you need to do is:

  • Check the Pressure Monthly
  • Have Regular Tire Rotations
  • Get Your Tires Balanced
  • Check Alignments
  • Stop Driving Aggressively

Follow a few simple tips from Rallye Motors, and let our service center help you out!

These Simple Tips are the Secret to Long Life Tires

  • Check the Pressure Monthly: Having too much or too little pressure can lead to poor handling, longer stopping distances, and increased wear and tear. Unfortunately, tires lose about a pound per square inch (PSI) of pressure monthly. Also, pressure will build during hot weather and fall during cold weather. With all those factors at play, it makes sense to check pressure once a month.
  • Have Regular Tire Rotations: Most cars only actually have one or two wheels doing the driving, which leads to uneven wear. For example, front wheels wear down faster on front-wheel drive vehicles. Have the tires rotated every 5,000 miles or so to even out wear.
  • Get Your Tires Balanced: When your tires are rotated, have them balanced as well. Every tire and wheel has a heavy spot, even when brand new, so a mechanic should balance each one using a specialized machine and small weights
  • Check Alignments: Your tires may become toed-in or toed-out over time. This usually happens when you bump something, strike the curb, or go over a pothole. Common signs of poor alignment include steering wheel shaking or vibration and pulling to the left or right, especially while braking.
  • Stop Driving Aggressively: No need to make racing starts in Plainview or turn at speed in Syosset. If you drive like an F1 driver you’re going to wear down your tires in no time flat. Ever noticed how those same drivers need to make numerous pitstops to change their tires? That’s why, and there probably aren’t any pitstops on your morning commute.

Let the Rallye Motors Team Take Care of Your Car’s Tires

Whether you need to make a service appointment for tire rotation and balancing or a pick up whole new set of tires, the team here at LRallye Motors can help. Feel free to contact us today.

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